de fotograaf

When he was a young boy Jaap de Bussy started taking pictures after his father showed him the book “Met andere ogen gezien” by Andreas Feiniger.  He was interested in the way an image can express his personal view to the world and he tried to avoid taking the common picture. Photography always kept his interest, both active and passive. Others would visit the church on their trips abroad in search for culture, but Jaap’s preference was to find the nearest photo museum or gallery and search inspiration and for knowledge, especially about the roots of so many photographers from the mid 20th century, that elevated the art of photography.

In 2013, after the retirement of his lifelong career in the IT business, he enrolled for the Photo Academy in Amsterdam, to enrich his skills as a professional photographer. His first book, called “#1” was published in 2014. In 2017 he graduated and published his second book, called ‘Vervreemding’ (Alienation). His development began as a portrait photographer and is now moving to a more social and documentary approach.

Jaap is working from his own studio located in Amsterdam as well as outside on location. He also works as an assistant for the famous portrait photographer Koos Breukel. Besides making pictures, Jaap has a broad interest in the history of photography and he is regularly seen in museums and gallery’s and he is building on a collection of books about photographers as well as about the history and the philosophy of photography.


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  • Vervreemding (Alienation), published in 2017
    The photographer himself was hospitalized at the end of 2016 for open heart surgery. During his stay of almost four weeks, he photographed the inhuman side of the hospital. He thereby ignored the medical and clinical aspects. Because of the blurring in the images, he does not represent the space, but the alienating feeling in that space. In his afterword he summarizes this with the words: “People do not belong in a hospital. It is great to be healthy. ”It is a personal story about the alienation in a clinic during a hospital admission. The implementation of the book must reinforce this. The atmosphere is: cold, empty, painful, homely.
    Publisher: in house
    Graphic design: Maud van Rossum
    Edition: 50
    Size: 27 x 27 cm
    Pages: 64
    Printing and binding: Jubels
    Price: € 35,-
  • #1 – Op de bank (Number 1 – On the couch), published in 2014
    Studio portraits of admirers from Amsterdam South. The setting was always the same, the place in the sofa was chosen by the model. The book shows the models but also says a lot about the photographer. During his studies, the book received a great deal of appreciation for the sleek format and intense appearance.
     in house
    Graphic design: Jaap de Bussy
    Edition: 30
    Size: 33 x 28 cm
    Pages: 32
    Printing and binding: Blurb
    Price: € 35,-


  • 2019 Masterclass: old printing techniques (gomdruk, zoutdruk & cyanotypie) at Huis Marseille
  • Since 2014 assistant for Koos Breukel
  • 2017 Graduated at Fotoacademie Amsterdam